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Anything can happen at a Bathurst service. This is certainly true! But our Sunday mornings also offer traditional experiences for regular worshippers and visitors.



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Bathurst Services Clustered in Themes

The Worship Committee meets to plan the services. Bathurst does not follow the lectionary, rather, a theme is chosen for a cluster of services.  Members of the congregation or an outside speaker are then invited to provide a reflection on a topic related to the theme. Songs, prayers, and readings are then selected to reflect the topic of the service.

June Solstice Service

Sunday Service at Bathurst

Another Sunday Service at Bathurst

Refreshments after our Sunday Service

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The Reflection


Many different people give the Sunday reflection. They can be talks, presentations, videos, or guided small group discussions.

Children in the Service


Table Talk is a focal point of every service. The children–and some adults–sit at a low-rise round table in the middle of the chapel. Someone reads, or tells, a story. They show pictures and sometimes use action figures to bring the story to life. The children can remain at the table and work on crafts, with guidance from the young-at-heart. Older children sometimes help with Holy Communion or offer prayers.



We usually celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month. We form a circle and eat the bread and drink the wine as a community.

Solstice Service


We celebrate the summer solstice with an early service on Kew Beach in Toronto’s East end. After the service, we gather in the waterfront park for a picnic lunch.

Summer Gatherings


We gather for weekly discussions on topics or books of interest.