Youth and Parenting

Youth Group

The Bathurst youth group is a small but mighty troupe of engaged, witty and passionate young teens. The members have had many exciting discussions about what it means to be a young person in this time and place – and how the ideas of religion and faith figure into thinking about climate change, social justice, interfaith friendships, democracy, culture and a whole lot more.

The young people have also had lots of adventures – playing games, learning about world religions and exploring the neighbourhood. In November 2019, the Youth Group traveled to New York City and checked different churches, saw a theatre show on Broadway and explored the city that never sleeps.

The group meets regularly, and all youth from 12 to 15 are welcome to join.

Parenting Group

The Bathurst parenting group brings parents together for evenings of conversation and delicious snacks. The group meets once a month. Anyone with children or young people living at home is invited.

Each evening begins with an hour or so of informal conversation and treats. In the second hour, participants explore topics such as the holy and unholy experiences of parenting, how to talk about sexuality to children and youth, and what it means to be a person of faith and a parent.

The Bathurst United Parenting Group has only one rule: come when you can. There’s no such thing as being “late” to the Parenting Group.