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postheadericon Advent and Christmas 2011

Advent and Christmas 2011
Exploring the Stories of Advent and Christmas
Re-visiting the familiar stories, and personalities of the Advent and Christmas cycle with
interactive and inter-generational worship and preaching, will be the focus of the Advent worship
series. Ralph Wushke was the WRAP for Advent.

Services in this series included:

  • Jan. 8 Bathurst & Ontarians with Disabilities - Becoming a more Welcoming Congregation: Volunteer and Personnel Committee
  • Jan. 1 New Year’s Day Joint Service with Trinity-St. Paul’s in the Methodist “Covenanting” Tradition

  • Dec. 25 Christmas Day, Joint Service with Trinity-St. Paul’s

  • Dec. 24 Joint Christmas Eve Service with Trinity-St. Paul’s 10:00 pm.

  • Dec. 18 Christmas Choral Service and Potluck Brunch

  • Dec. 11 Advent III Mary

  • Dec. 4 Advent II John the Baptist 

  • Nov. 27 Advent I Elizabeth and Zechariah

postheadericon Creativity and Spirituality

Exploring the Creative Spirit

“Creativity”, “Creation” and “Creator”. The fact that these words are so closely related and yet have such different meanings is a sign of how ubiquitous “creativity” is. On the one hand creativity infuses all Creation and on another hand it is a hallmark of human (and not only human!) expression. In some ways almost everything we do can be seen as an expression of the creative spirit: cooking, working, singing, conversing, home making, designing, & etc. This creativity, which infuses our lives and all creation, is surely one of the ways in which humans reflect the divine spark. (Even writing this text is an exercise in creativity!) Creative expression also has many connections to our earlier “Empowering Mental Health” theme.

Bathurst’s mid-fall worship series will give us opportunities to actually practice and explore some of the creative arts and rekindle our own creative spirits: dance, creative writing and the plastic arts. The visit to Bloor St. United to hear Margaret Atwood was the launch of this series.

Judi McCallum and Ralph Carl Wushke are co-WRAPS for this series.

Sunday Worship Services

Services in this series included:

  • Nov. 20 Creativity: Visual and Plastic Arts - Donna Dolson

  • Nov. 13 Dances of Universal Peace - Mark Hathaway and Jasper Miller

  • Nov. 6 Creativity and Faith - Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Oct. 30 W/rite Play - Sharon Goodier

  • Oct. 23 Spirituality and Mental Health (see the series below) - Shawn Lucas with Judi McCallum

  • Oct. 16 Religion: Recovering Our Roots Margaret Atwood

postheadericon Breaking the Silence

Empowering Mental Health

Fall 2011 Bathurst Worship Series

Breaking the Silence about mental health and illness begins with our own lives, concerns, experience and faith. In this series we will hear from three members of the Bathurst community as they reflect on their particular mental health journeys of struggle, engagement and hope. Mid-point in the series we will take time for some group conversations, and conclude with a theological reflection on the entire series.  Our WRAP team for this series: co-leaders Jane Enticknap and Marie Simon, with Laura Springate, Ronny Yaron and Ralph Carl Wushke

Previous services in this series included:

  • Sunday, Oct. 23 "Spirituality and Mental Health", Shawn Lucas and Judi McCallum
  • Sunday, Oct. 9 “Mental Health, Theology and Faith” Ralph Carl Wushke with TBA.
  • Sunday, Oct. 2 “My Personal Story” Shirley Endicott Small with Laura Springate, Marie Simon & Jane Enticknap
  • Sunday, Sept. 25 “Empowered by our own Stories” WRAP team facilitation.
  • Sunday, Sept. 18 "Personal experiences of mental health in the perspective of the Medicine Wheel"
  • Sunday, Sept. 11 “Speaking Out” Ronny Yaron with Jane Enticknap

postheadericon Summer 2011 Evening Gatherings

Each summer, when we are not meeting in the chapel on Sunday mornings, our Wednesday evening pot-luck gatherings in member homes and program sustain the thread of community life. There is a different host and program leader every week. Call John at 416 358 8172 for details and locations.

Please join whenever you can with a pot-luck contribution as you are able.
Suppers begin at 6:30 and the program at 7:30.

Empowering Mental Health

What might mental health mean for First Nations people? What role do caregivers play? What can dementia tell us about our minds and identities? What prejudices do we have towards people with mental illness? These are a few of the questions and perspectives we will explore this summer as we begin our mission theme of “Empowering Mental Health”.

For the first Wednesday of each month, we will share in a time of Centering Prayer, a form of
contemplative prayer that a group of Bathurst folks have been practicing for several months.

Services in this series included

  • August 31 - Myths about Madness: Challenging stigma and changing attitudes (CAMH DVD)

    The film challenges misconceptions such as the association of mental illness with violence and suggests that we need to see people with mental illness as whole people for whom mental illness is one aspect of their lives (22 min).


  • August 24 -Sharing Tebwewin (CAMH DVD)

    Tebwewin means 'the truth' in the Anishinawbe language. This documentary about cultural competence, health care and First Nations people explores issues such as the inter-generational trauma caused by forced residential schooling and the “1960s Scoop” of First Nations children put into adoptive homes (30 min).
    Facilitator: Jane Enticknap

  • August 17 - Alzheimer’s, Memory and Being

    Alzheimer's disease has been described as ‘the great unlearning,’ a ‘disease of memory,’ a ‘demise of consciousness.’ But what does it reveal about the nature of human identity? What remains when memory unravels?
    Facilitator: Lindsay Tyler

  • August 10 - Film from the Empowerment Council

    CAMH clients speak about their experiences in the mental health care system.
    Facilitator: Ronny Yaron

  • August 3 - Centering Prayer

    Co-facilitators: Diane Meredith and Sarah Gayman

  • July 27 - Excerpts from Away from Her

    A man coping with the institutionalization of his wife because of Alzheimer's disease faces an epiphany when she transfers her affections to another man, Aubrey, who also is a patient at the nursing home.
    Facilitator: Lindsay Tyler

  • July 20 - To be confirmed

  • July 13 - Good Days, Bad Days: Loving someone with mental illness (CAMH DVD)

    Support, acceptance and caring from family members can be crucial ingredients in helping people deal with mental illness (22 min).
    Facilitator: Jane Enticknap

  • July 6

    Program: Centering Prayer
    Co-facilitators: Diane Meredith and Sarah Gayman

postheadericon Easter Season: Dying and Rebirth

Popular culture around us tells us we should be in a constant state of ever more successful achievement and accumulation. “Onward and upward” is the mantra of sports, business and entertainment. We are expected to always be at the “top of our game” and the underlying assumption is “whoever collects the most stuff before they die wins.” This fits well with a competitive, capitalist and consumerist world view.

But those who live mindfully we know this is a deceptive lie. The Paschal pattern (from the Hebrew word for Passover), seen in a concentrated form in the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus rings with much more truth. Dying and rebirth is a fractal pattern that marks our lives in countless iterations, through the daily and seasonal rhythms as well as the arc of our life journey from birth, through death to our return to Creation.

The Easter 2011 worship series will reveal and deepen the Paschal pattern personally, politically  and spiritually with stories and witness from our lives, experiences and engagements.

Rosalinda Paredes is the WRAP (Worship Resource Access Person) for Easter Season and the WRAP team members are Ae Ran Suh, Jennifer Little, John Michael Griffin, Marie Simon and Ralph Carl Wushke. (RCW)

Services in this series:

  • June 26 Pride Service with Interfaith Queer Youth Panel led by Sharon Goodier and Ralph Carl Wushke
  • June 19 Summer Solstice Service
    On the Eastern Beach 8:00 am in front of 82 Hubbard Blvd. Potluck Picnic to follow.
    [No Chapel Service]
  • June 12 Pentecost
    Canadian Mining Exploration in El Salvador: Human Rights and Ecological Abuse with Brian Rude
  • June 5 Easter VII
    The Paschal Pattern in Mystic Spirituality
    Ralph Carl Wushke, Ae Ran Suh and TBA
  • May 29 Easter VI
    Falling and Rising in the Immigration Experience
    Rosalinda Paredes and guests from HALCO (HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario)
  • May 22 Easter V
    Hope and Hopelessness in Mental Health
    Jennifer Little & Jasper Miller
  • May 15 Easter IV
    [No Chapel Service]
    Spring Retreat at Crieff Hills (May 13-15)
  • May 8 Easter III
    I Am Not What You See - Making Peace with Our Connected and Disconnected Selves
    Marie Simon & Frances Combs
  • May 1 Easter II
    Dying & Rebirth in Zen Buddhism
    John Michael Griffin & team
  • April 24 Easter Sunday
    Dying & Rebirth in All Creation
    Ralph Carl Wushke & Jenny Nedelsky
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Sunday, June 25

10:30 am in the Chapel at Trinity St. Paul's Centre
427 Bloor St. West

Pride Service - The Gates Shall Not Be Shut
Caro Ibrahim

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