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postheadericon Vulnerability & the Beauty of Existence 2013

A Worship Series on Vulnerability

What spiritual and religious resources do we have to draw on in the midst of inevitable unpredictability and change? In a poem, Anne Hillman suggests the answer lies in learning to be “vulnerable to the beauty of existence.” In this worship series, we will explore, from theological and psychological perspectives, the role of vulnerability in our lives – how and when it can be a strength. For the first two Sundays, the focus will be on vulnerability in the cycles of life; for the last two, on vulnerability in relationships, both on a personal level and in community. Each service has been titled with a line from the Hillman poem which we will use as a meditative piece during the series.

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, Nov 3
    Vulnerability in Community: “Learning to Love”
    Reflection: A skit by Arise, a community supporting women who have experienced abuse, incarceration and addiction

  • Sun, Oct 27
    Vulnerability in Community: “Vulnerable to the beauty of existence”
    Tom Reynolds (Professor, Emmanuel College)

  • Sun, Oct 20
    Baptism - Vulnerability in the Life Cycle: “Something new is being born in us”
    Frances Combs, Pepe Elwert, Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sun, Oct 13
    Thanksgiving - Vulnerability in the Life Cycle: ”A softer, more permeable aliveness”
    Janet Zenwirt

postheadericon Fall Services 2013

2013 September Pilgrimage

Serendipity! At the same time when Bathurst is asking WHERE? and HOW? in this city we might be most faithful – at Bloor & Spadina or somewhere else – in our “Making Faithful Change” process, construction at Trinity-St. Paul’s gave us a gentle nudge to experience other locations.

The ‘Pilgrimage Series” on the Sundays of September invited us to reflect on the experience of diverse sacred spaces in downtown Toronto. “Pilgrimage” is a rich theme in many religions. Christians in the Middle Ages did them, and to this day the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella in Spain remains a popular walk for a vision quest.

Pilgrimage is also familiar to us from Islam where the Hajj takes place every year, a pilgrimage to Mecca which Muslims are required to make nice in a lifetime. Although pilgrimages like the Hajj are usually to holy places connected with one’s religion, we expanded the term to include “pilgrimages” that are taken by force of circumstance, such as those refugees take, ones taken by choice but not always willingly (at first) like emigration, journeys to places of sorrow and conflict, like returning to the sites of the Jewish Shoah and journeys undertaken for educational or spiritual enrichment (and the two are not exclusive). Pilgrimage can be accompanied by both anxiety and growth.

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, Sept 29
    Labyrinth and Pilgrimage
    Allison Piercey and Ralph Carl Wushke
    The Chapel, Trinity-St. Paul's, 427 Bloor Street West

  • Sun, Sept 22
    Pilgrimage in Historical Perspective
    Audrey Douglas
    The Chapel, 3rd Floor, Emmanuel College, 75 Queen¹s Park Crescent

  • Sun, Sept 15
    Travelling Light: Sharing Pilgrimage Experiences
    Sacred Space, 2nd Floor, Bell Gateway Buidling, CAMH, 100 Stokes Street

  • Sun, Sept 8
    The Exodus
    Ralph Carl Wushke
    Main Activity Hall, 2nd Floor, Multifaith Centre ­ U of T, Koffler House, 569 Spadina Ave.

postheadericon Summer Services 2013

Spirited Conversations

Have you ever experienced a conversation among friends – perhaps on a warm summer evening – that really touches the heart of things and that you think about for days afterward?

In our summer series, “Spirited Conversations”, we created space for such engaging conversations on particular dimensions of our spiritual lives, sharing and building on one another's stories and thoughts.

Again this year the summer services were on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm at College St. United Church, located at the northwest corner of College and Bathurst, beginning on July 10, going to August 28, starting with a pot-luck supper. The services  started around 7:00 pm, following the pot-luck supper.


Services in this series included:

  • Wed, August 28
    Life after Death
    Lawrence Goudge

  • Wed, August 21
    Spirituality and the Written Word
    Frances Combs

  • Wed, August 14
    Spirituality and Music
    Ken McEvoy

  • Wed, August 7
    Spirituality and/of Childhood
    John Wang

  • Wed, July 31
    Spiritual Direction
    Sharon Goodier

  • Wed, July 24
    Spirituality and Art
    Beth Theis

  • Wed, July 10
    Group Spiritual Direction
    Karen Campos, Karin Achtelstetter & Ralph Wushke

  • Wed, July 17
    Paradoxical spirituality of FB & Twitter
    Karen Rodman

postheadericon Easter and Pentecost 2013

Mental Health in Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Perspective:
Stitching Our Safety Net

What do we find when we turn to the scriptural and theological tradition for perspective on mental health and mental illness? How does the tradition inform our experience and evolving pastoral practice in relation to mental health and spirituality? Easter Season 2013 will be the third worship series inspired by the Bathurst mission theme: “Empowering Mental Health”. The Psalms will be a source of inspiration for a meditation each week. Among the preachers will be Emmanuel College Contextual Education students Karen Rodman and Ann Russell who will share their final reflections with us. As well, we will take time in several of the services to create “quilt squares” for the “Stitching Our Safety Net” project initiated by several mental health advocacy groups in Toronto.

Services in this series included:

  • Sunday, June 30
    Pentecost VII
    Pride Joint Service with Trinity-St. Paul’s (in the TSP gym)
    Hans van Nie & Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sunday, June 23
    Pentecost VI
    Summer Solstice Service (on the beach opposite 82 Hubbard Blvd.)

  • Sunday, June 16
    Pentecost V
    Authority: What are we empowered to do?
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sunday, June 9
    Pentecost IV
    International Mining Injustice & Solidarity: Voices from the Margins
    Social Justice and Community Engagement Committee

  • Sunday, June 2
    Pentecost III
    Authority: What foundation is our confidence?
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sunday, May 26
    Trinity Sunday - Pentecost II
    Volunteer Recognition Sunday
    Volunteer and Personnel Committee

  • Sunday, May 19
    Refreshments: Beth Theis and David Fillmore

  • Sunday, May 12
    Easter VII - Bathurst Spring Retreat at Crieff Hills
    [No Chapel Service]

  • Sunday, May 5
    Easter VI - Yet in my Heart Thou hast Put More Happiness
    Jane Enticknap

  • Sunday, Apr. 28
    Easter V - How Long, O Lord Wilt Thou Quite Forget Me?
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sunday, Apr. 21
    Easter IV (Earth Sunday) - The Canaanite Woman
    Frances Combs

  • Sunday, Apr. 14
    Easter III - Be Merciful to Me, for I am Weak
    Karen Rodman

  • Sunday, Apr. 7
    Easter II - May the Lord Answer You in Time of Trouble
    Ann Russell

  • Sunday, Mar. 31
    Easter Sunday - The Angel Rolled the Stone Away
    Ralph Carl Wushke

postheadericon Lent 2013

Suffering---God, Humanity & the World

As an intercultural church, seeking to be simply present in the world for others, we look to the story of Jesus and his suffering but also to the lessons of suffering and hope beyond our own tradition. The Lent series will be a chance for us as a community to explore suffering through the ages and within different faith traditions. Beginning with the wisdom literature of Job, the series will also look at suffering from other faith perspectives, and move towards Palm Sunday considering the way of the cross within the early Christian and current context. So often the church of Christendom has moved quickly to the glory theology of an Easter church, however, we know the pain of humanity including the anxiety and pain in our own lives, and so we are thankful for “the way of the cross” as we search for meaning in our own lives, and translate this meaning into our work within our community and the world. Lent is not a time to simply endure through to get to Easter Sunday, but rather the journey we take as we experience the many trials and tribulations of life, having faith that there will be new life even in our darkest times.

The series will also include a focus on Godly Play as part of the Table Talk. This will be a chance for us to hear and wonder about the stories of Jesus, as we prepare for the mystery of Easter.

Services in this series included:

  • Sunday, Mar. 24
    Palm Sunday - The Way of the Cross
    Karen Rodman

  • Sunday, Mar. 17
    Lent V - Suffering Christ
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sunday, Mar. 10
    Lent IV - Christ's call to right relationships
    Ann Russell

  • Sunday, Mar. 3
    Lent III - Suffering within the Buddhist tradition
    Ken McEvoy

  • Sunday, Feb. 24
    Lent II - AGM (Annual General Meeting)

  • Sunday, Feb. 17
    Lent I - PTSD in Light of the Book of Job
    Sharon Goodier

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Pride Service - The Gates Shall Not Be Shut
Caro Ibrahim

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