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postheadericon 2016 Epiphany

The Tree of Ruth

In Matthew's genealogy of Jesus, only four women are mentioned.

Each of them, through initiative, heroism and determination, contributed to the messianic line, and set the pattern for Jesus’ family tree.

Tamar, at risk of death, ensured the messianic line through her sons; through Rabab’s courage Israel entered the promised land; through Ruth’s unflinching loyalty to Naomi she and Boaz became great grandparents of David the king; through Bathsheba’s courageous intervention the Davidic throne passed to Solomon.

In Epiphany, we will be looking at the lives and stories of these women, who are heroines of the faith, and whose stories call for study and celebration.

Services in this series include:

  • Sun, Feb 7
    Ralph Carl Wushke

Previous services in this series included:

  • Sun, Jan 31
    Joint service with Trinity-St. Paul's
    The Holy Land: Israel - Palestine
    Robert Mssoud

  • Sun, Jan 24
    Frances Combs

  • Sun, Jan 17
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sun, Jan 10
    Judi McCallum

postheadericon 2015 Advent and Christmas

New Possibilities

Advent is the beginning of the Christian Year, and, like the beginning of any year, we look ahead and wonder "What next?"
Our theme at Bathurst this Advent is New Possibilities.

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, Jan 3
    Christmas in Cuba
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sun, Dec 27
    Christmas Breakfast

  • Sun, Dec 20
    Christmas Choral Service

  • Sun, Dec 13
    'From a Small Place',
    a reflection on Mary
    Sarah Mikhaiel

  • Sun, Dec 6
    A Step Along the Way:
    The Youth on Bloor Trip to El Salvador
    Shintaro Tsukamoto

  • Sun, Nov 29
    Reflection on the Stanley Tucci movie 'Big Night'
    I Thessalonians 5 : 1-11
    Cam Watts

postheadericon 2015 November

2015 November Services - Without a Voice ...

In modern society, many find themselves without power, without the ability to help themselves. What are we called to do? How can we help those without a voice … the refugees, the homeless, those in prison, those struggling with addiction or mental health issues?

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, Nov 22
    What's Happening in the Middle East?
    Remmelt Hummelen
    Mark 13: 1 - 8

  • Sun, Nov 15
    Mouldy Bread
    Joshua 9
    Cam Watts

  • Sun, Nov 8
    Crime and Punishment, What’s Wrong with Prisons
    Cathleen Fillmore

  • Sun, Nov 1
    Matthew 9.14-38
    Cam Watts

postheadericon 2015 October

2015 October Services - Gratitude

In October - with an eye on the calendar - we reflected on gratitude; how we experience it, and what we are called to do in return. On Thanksgiving Sunday (Oct. 11), our theme was Thanksgiving. October 17 was the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and our service on the 18th explored how compassion and empathy call us to act for the eradication of poverty. Our service on Peace Sunday, October 25 focused on how we are called as peace makers, and what we can do.

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, Oct 25
    Buildings and Mountains (Why We Are Peacemakers)
    Cameron Watts
    Mark 13: 1 - 8

  • Sun, Oct 18
    Compassion, and the question of Poverty
    Jane, Judi, Ken, Reg and Sharon

  • Sun, Oct 11
    Thanksgiving: Undisclosed Recipients
    Joel 2:21-27
    Cam Watts

postheadericon 2015 September

2015 September Services - Returning and Welcoming

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

- from Little Gidding, T. S. Elliot

This September we welcomed Cam Watts, who will be acting as interim minister during the sabbatical of our regular minister, Ralph Carl Wushke.

We also welcomed the return of regular members of the congregation after our summer break from regular Sunday services. As well, we welcomed all those who are interested in what it means to be a progressive Christian at this time, in this community.

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, Oct 4
    Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    Diane Meredith

  • Sun, Sept 27
    Subscribing to a Faith
    Ephesians 3.14-4.7
    Cam Watts

  • Sun Sept 20
    The Theology of Bathurst United
    Frances Combs

  • Sun. Sept 13
    Who Do People Say That You Are?
    Mark 8.22-32
    Cam Watts

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Sunday, May 28

10:30 am in the Chapel at Trinity St. Paul's Centre
427 Bloor St. West

Power & witness
in the Holy Spirit
Ralph Carl Wushke

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